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About JeJa Oil

Made from natural ingredients

A special blend of essential oils in Grapeseed oil.

Aids muscle recovery

Can be used before and after sport to stimulate your circulation and aid muscle recovery

Relieves stiffness in joints and muscle pain

Used by those who suffer from arthritis to ease the aches and pains in the joints.

JeJa Oil's commitments

Committed to Quality


JeJa believe quality should never be a compromise. We use the finest organic, ethically sourced products to apply to your body. So that you get optimum results without damaging the environment.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery. If you have questions about JeJa Oil products, delivery, or shipping, get in touch! 

Look and Feel Great


We aim to stock a variety of essential oil products that will benefit your body if you have everyday muscles and joint pains.

JeJa Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Oil is great to ease muscle pain after exercise and can be used as a pre-sport treatment. 

JeJa Oil testimonies

Kevin (Athlete)


I use JeJa Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Oil all the time! I strain my muscles when doing sports and apply the oil after to give me instant relief. I also use it before training to allow me to train for longer without feeling muscle pain. Definitely would recommend.

Emma (London)


 I met the lovely Lily at the Greater London Vegan Show. I was instantly impressed with the natural ingredients in her products. Being a marathon runner it's important to look after your body and maintain it perfectly. I used the bath salts and oil as soon as I could & I must say these proved to have exceptional results. I would highly recommend Jeja. You will be as impressed as I am. Keep up the great work Lily! 

Mirka (London)


 I recommend this oil, not only does it smell lovely, it works instantly. I rubbed it on my hips and knee and felt instant relief. Of course I had to buy a bottle. As I type this review with one hand, I am rubbing it into my temples as I have a headache, and it is relieving this too.Try it and see for yourself. Grazie mille Lily.

Jenny (London).


 My husband is the biggest sceptic on the Planet. Rubbed some of you 'magic' oil into his back and shoulders - he was pain free and slept like a log! Brilliant 

Hilary (Ipswich).



I've had my first goodnight sleep last night which I have not had in months.


Because of Jeja oil.

If you haven't tried and your achey and pains go get it.


Carol (London)


This oil is a God sent miracle. After injuring my leg muscle I rubbed some Jeja oil before going to bed. I could confirm that the pain was all gone in the morning. My daughter who is a professional dancer uses it all the time. Very good oil!!! 


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